Beekeeping on the Cheap!

Our world needs beekeepers! The decline of the honeybee in North America is a scary but undeniable phenomenon. And as the past generations of backyard bee keepers slowly die out, there is a desperate need for new “beeks” to come in and take their place. However, getting into beekeeping can be a daunting task. There is so much to learn and things that must be in place before you actually get any bees. In addition, the costs of the equipment alone can be hundreds of Dollars, and that’s not even counting the bees themselves which is normally the most expensive item you’ll purchase.

This blog is designed to show new and old beekeepers alike that keeping bees doesn’t have to be so expensive or complicated. For a small investment in money and time a new beekeeper can be up and going with at least a couple hives in their first year, and from there the possibilities are endless. Stick around and we’ll show you some tips we have picked up from others and even some we’ve come up with on our own to save you money in getting your apiary started.


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I'm a geek.
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One Response to Beekeeping on the Cheap!

  1. Joni Borrell says:

    Absolutely love this blog/info site new to beekeeping & am excited about trying out your ‘frugal ideas!!

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